Karl ‘Flecky’ Fletcher started tattooing in early 2000 and served his apprenticeship in the one of the UK’s most respected and leading tattoo studios in Warrington, Cheshire.

Flecky does not specialise in certain styles, his abilities shine through whatever the tattoo design. From small intricate tattoos to large back designs, Flecky’s tattoos are uniquely identifiable to him as they are recognisable by the clean and bold lines which have earned Flecky awards in the past especially for black & grey and tribal designs. Flecky’s work is consistently of high quality and appears regularly in tattoo magazines and publications.

Flecky’s tattoo studio is professionally run with hygiene and cleanliness of the utmost priority. When you enter the tattoo studio you are greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere and attentive service. Flecky works with all his clients right from the start to achieve results that exceed expectations.